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812 South Macomb Street, All Saints, FL, 32301, US

Phone: (850) 210-0548

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This place has been on my Tallahassee bucket list for AGES! I had just gotten back from a work trip and decided I was too tired to cook. So my significant other and I hopped in the car and found ourselves at Nefetari's. Our dinner started off with a ginger brew and another brew that had hibiscus. They were both fantastic! My boyfriend ordered the King's Burrito and I had gotten Pad Thai with tofu. The pad Thai was rather good, but the Kong's Burrito really took us both by surprise. He had opted for no meat and not a single bite of the dish had you missing it! The serving of pad Thai was massive so I ended up boxing probably more than half. Don't be mistaken though, I wasn't ready to hop off the yum train. We then order the vegan chocolate cake.. And it was so moist and delicious and my mouth is salivating as I type this.. And you should probably go to Nefetari's as soon as possible.

— Dawn O.

I am always impressed by the quality of service at Nefetari's. It is one of the only finer dining establishments in Tallahassee. I love how the decor stays so close to the theme. Its v gold and bright and opulence, maybe a little too much for some especially with the lion ... But not me! The food is so yummy. I have eaten here twice. I had the ethiopian stew platter. Its such a pretty large plate where the injera bread is place down first. Then the stew and lamb were placed on top. Secondly i got the vegetarian dish the honey eggplant. I loved it. The eggplant is so soft and stewed but the honey balanced it well yet the curry made the dish interesting and made want to eat more. The staff is so friendly and dressed well! Me and my boyfriend recommend 100% and its a must visit for anyone with a craving for ethnic food.

— Heather D.

I heard good things about Nefetari's, was drawn to te eclectic menu, and heard it held a unique atmosphere with regard to dining. Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by a taxidermy lion and gold gilded artifacts of an Egyptian theme. My original seat wasn't the most comfortable, but I was able to move to a more comfortable seat due to a leaking AC vent (likely caused by the humidity outside as compared to inside). My friends who were with me had never had samosas, so I ordered the appetizer (two come with the order). Both my friends enjoyed the empanada-like outside with potatoes, peas and spices inside. The order of coconut curry shrimp was not spicy as noted on the menu. Instead it was similar to a red curry mixed with coconut oil, delicious. The talking spinach (seasoning and chickpeas) was moist and without the iron penny type of taste some poorly cooked spinach offers. The garden medley came with carrots, zucchini, onion and broccoli. This too was seasoned well, but I enjoyed dipping it in my coconut shrimp curry sauce remnants. I tried a ginger martini per the waiter's recommendation. It was refreshing, but heavy on the ginger taste, followed by a fruitier martini that tasted more like pineapple juice than any alcohol (also tasty). I shared the vegan chocolate cake. Do not be turned off by the "vegan" part of the label as it was moist, had fluffy frosting, and certainly tasted great. I wouldn't say it is one of the best cakes I've ever had, but I will say only a bite remained between the two of us.

— Shannon B.

Enjoyed a delicious dinner with the husband and friends on our first time ever visit! I had delicious Pad Thai - maybe the best I've had outside of a Thai restaurant. None of us ordered anything remotely Ethopian - which is easy to accomplish given the eclectic international flavors of the menu. All our portions were huge and everyone raved about the flavors. We also ordered dessert. I had a coconut cream pie which was denser than I expected but full of flavor. The owner/chef came to the table and spent some time with us talking about her family and the restaurant's origins. She was delightful! The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated with interesting artwork and lots of color to delight the eye. A trip to Nefetari offers a feast for the eye and palate. Make a reservation for your next night out!

— Rachel P.

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